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The Company

Tex Solutions is unusual in the internet world, as the company is based on business process engineering and systems design rather than being a graphic design and marketing company that has migrated into web development.

Our expertise is in providing full solutions utilising technology where appropriate rather than "adding on" small functions to graphically designed web sites.

Tex Solutions has three divisions working in three target areas.

We recognise that no two organisations have identical needs and therefore every solution is developed and tailored specifically for every individual client.

We can offer

Interactive web sites for sports organisations (clubs, associations, federations, governing bodies etc.)

Interactive web sites for other bodies (companies as well as associations, clubs and institutions)

General web site development

General business process and information systems consultancy for small- and medium-sized businesses


What makes Tex Solutions different from the vast majority of solutions providers ?

We do not simply produce software

We offer a complete solution including changes to processes, where this meets the clients needs.

We do not get excited by technology, nor do we pride ourselves in the range of technology we use

We use the simplest technology that is available to fit the solution that is required and we get excited by helping our clients to utilise the appropriate technology for their needs, taking pride in the effectiveness and simplicity of the solution rather than its complexity.

The founders of the company are not web developers nor marketeers

They have 20 years experience as managers and directors in financial services, insurance, supply chain, manufacturing, sales and distribution.

They also have 20 years experience in running clubs and associations and can use the methods employed in blue-chip business organisations to benefit any such organisation.

We do not develop (or pretend to develop) every solution from scratch

If we have modules that we have already developed which fit the client's needs, we do not see why we should charge the full price of developing the solution again (whether the solution is system code, processes, or manual procedures).

We do not offer packages and then charge huge amounts to tailor them

We believe that any solution should not reflect thoughts and views of the technical designer when the base package was put together. It should reflect the precise needs of the client, now and in the future. We do not presume to know the needs of every possible future client when we develop further base packages.

We do not proclaim to offer innovative systems!

We offer innovative systems only as a last resort, preferring to use tried and tested systems whenever they are available. Our innovation comes from using tried and tested solutions in innovative ways to solve the unique issues of our clients.

We do not proclaim to offer sophisticated systems

Our clients pay for sophistication (whether they realise it or not) and we provide the simplest solution possible for the needs of each client. This approach leads to lower costs for our clients both in the development of the full solution and in the ongoing running costs, but means that once we have a client we have a client for life.

The "look and feel" of all of our web-based solutions is designed to reflect the desired image of each individual client, covering the full range from sophisticated and dynamic through to the quiet and straightforward. Any systems that are included within the design however, are always developed to be as simple as possible.

We do not commit our Clients to high long term costs

We aim to limit unnecessary involvement in the ongoing use of the solution by our clients. Where we can make the client fully self-sufficient we do.

Again, our clients pay for our ongoing involvement and this limits the cost-effectiveness of the solution. Any involvement from us is clearly agreed with our clients before the solution is developed.


Contact us :- email :      +44 (0)1722 711512


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