As we provide solutions specifically tailored for each client, we also tailor all contracts to each customer and their needs. The terms and conditions shown here give an indiciation of our most usual terms of business.

Standard Terms and Conditions

At Tex Solutions we believe that the concepts of any agreement with a Client are as important as any specific contract.

The list below gives the normal concepts of any agreement with a Client. These can be modified to suit a Client's specific needs, but any such modifications need to be assessed carefully to ensure that both the Client and Tex Solutions clearly understand any and all implications.

1. Solutions Design and Consultancy

1.1 Initial Agreement

Before Tex Solutions commence any work on behalf of a Client, Tex Solutions will provide a quotation in writing. Later deviations from the quoted specification may incur extra cost but Tex Solutions will always agree a new price with the Client before they carry out the additional work or make changes.

1.2 Copyright clearance

It is the Client's responsibility to ensure that the Client has the right to reproduce any text, images or other material. The Client indemnifies Tex Solutions against any liabilities due to breach of copyright caused by any material supplied or added by the Client.

1.3 Solution Ownership

Any solution provided is solely for the Client's use. The Client may not resell it without the prior agreement of Tex Solutions. Following the payment of all fees and charges, the Client may host any system provided as part of the solution on any server the Client chooses. The copyright to any solution, including any systems design, system code, methods, pictures or photographs supplied by Tex Solutions remains in the ownership of Tex Solutions. Tex Solutions cannot guarantee that any software supplied will operate on any equipment or operating systems other than that for which it was originally designed.

1.4 Consultancy

Tex Solutions consultancy services provide information and guidance taken from experience and industry best practice. Tex Solutions will discuss all advice very carefully with the Client but any decision to follow such advice remains the responsibility of the Client. Tex Solutions cannot guarantee that following any advice will, on its own, increase web site traffic, improve the Client's ratings with search engines, increase sales or reduce costs.

1.5 Payment for Services

Payment for all services are normally due in stage payments, the amount and timing of which are agreed between Tex Solutions and the Client at the commencement of any period of work.


2. Hosting

2.1 Terms

Tex Solutions will act as an agent for the Client in arranging hosting of web sites. The client must abide by the terms and conditions of the chosen Internet service provider. The Client indemnifies Tex Solutions against any liabilities due to breach of contract with the chosen Internet service provider.


3. Domain Name Registration

3.1 Registration

Tex Solutions will normally register any domain names in the name of the Client (unless the Client specifically requests to do otherwise). Tex Solutions act as an agent of the Client with the appropriate naming authority. The contract of registration is between the Client and the naming authority and the client is bound by the relevant terms and conditions.

3.2 Renewal

Domain name registration is for two years unless otherwise agreed. Tex Solutions will endeavour to remind the client regarding renewing registrations, but it is ultimately the Client's responsibility to make sure this happens.

3.3 Registration Charges

Domain name registration charges are normally payable by the Client in advance.


4. Contract Terms

4.1 Indemnification

The Client indemnifies Tex Solutions against any and all liabilities, losses, costs and claims howsoever arising or resulting from:

4.1.1 defamatory or misleading material posted on the Client's web site or distributed via any Client newsletter or e-mail address

4.1.2 any injury to person or property caused by any products sold by the Client or otherwise distributed from your the Client's web site, newsletter or e-mail address

4.1.3 any material on the client's web site, newsletter or e-mail address or supplied by the Client from them infringing or allegedly infringing the proprietary rights of any third party

4.1.4 copyright infringement

4.1.5 any defective products sold or otherwise distributed from the Client's web site, newsletter or e-mail address.

4.2 Jurisdiction

In the event of any dispute, agreements between Tex Solutions and any Client are subject to English law.
Tex Solutions reserve the right to alter these indicative terms and conditions at any time.


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